Yft Anti-Aging Cocktails

Your Skin’s Happiest Hour

Introducing YFT Anti-aging cocktails—luxurious, customized infusions of vitamins, minerals, fillers (hyaluronic acid), and Botox, delivered to the skin via 24-karat gold micro-needles. For use around the entire face, the highly effective micro-doses produce instant, dramatic movie-star results.

Proactively targeting hard-to-address, specific skin needs, YFT Anti-aging Cocktails are exclusive elixirs for next-level skin care, radiance, and unstoppable glamour. Your skin’s happiest hour, indeed.

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The Ingénue

Glamour is what I sell. It’s my stock in trade.
–Marlene Dietrich

Skin Mood

Years of Negroni-soaked decadence. Sun-drenched summer days in St. Tropez, sans sunscreen. Acute skin neglect, resulting in parched, thinned skin that is punctuated with fine, hashtag-like wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Cocktail Rx

Two parts youth-defying vitamins, one part Botox, Dr. Y’s top secret ingredient, and a dash of YFT’s joie de vivre.


Wrinkles, smoothed out. Hydration, achieved. Aura of rest and rejuvenation. Youthful radiance, restored. Love of life on.



It’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny
–Coco Chanel

Skin Mood

Tired and cranky from chronic stress, deadlines-gone-wrong, and the 21-st century’s uniquely damaging brand of environmental pollution. An excruciating absence of seduction, in the boudoir and beyond, resulting in dulled appearance—and an even duller life.

Cocktail Rx

Two parts radiance-boosting vitamins, one part magic-inducing minerals, and Dr. Y’s top secret ingredient, topped off with YFT-approved diamond-life sparkles.


Skin, awakened, refreshed, and illuminated. Like you’ve just emerged from a scandalous embrace (at least one). Whether on the red carpet or in the boardroom, you’re spotlight-ready. Shine on.

Dr Y. explains her philosophy

The One Night Stand

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together
–Elizabeth Taylor

Skin Mood

Oh, the troubles this skin has seen. Embattled and inflamed by the acute rigors and passions of daily life. Hedonism leads to hangovers—a little too easily, and a little too often. Scarred, an open book of acne marks, uneven textures, and enlarged pores, caused by genetics or neglecting the skincare regimen.

Cocktail Rx

One part hyaluronic acid, one part Botox, Dr. Y’s top secret ingredient, and a fairy dusting of life-changing confidence.


Hydrated, velvety skin. Smooth-as-silk surfaces. Crisis averted, self-assurance restored. Where’s the next soirée? Game on.