After many years in the medical profession, Dr. Yeretsky has cultivated a deeply-held belief that physical well-being and beauty are directly linked to inner peace and confidence. Accordingly, she is dedicated to every aspect of her patients’ health.

With all patients, Dr. Yeretsky shares her extensive medical knowledge and emphasizes the importance of preventative care, empowering her patients to make smart, well-informed choices in their daily lives. Her loyal patients are drawn to her straightforward manner, knowing that she would never recommend a treatment she wouldn’t first try on herself. Her warm and individualized approach is designed to help patients fall in love with all aspects of self-care, infusing beauty rituals with a sense of luxury and fun.

Dr. Yeretsky’s goal is for patients to confidently embrace their own authenticity — which she believes is one’s true source of power — so that they glow, from the inside out.


“When patients feel truly satisfied with their appearances and fulfilled in their lives, nothing makes me happier,” she says. “It’s what I live for.”




Located in the heart of Manhattan’s fashionable West Village, Clinique YFT is an elegant and inviting medical boutique, the perfect place for rejuvenation and celebration. Patients instantly luxuriate in the soothing atmosphere of Clinique YFT, where pleasure is paramount.

At Clinique YFT, patients are ensured the utmost in privacy and do not have to wait, as is the norm at medical offices. The “Jewel Box,” as patients call it, has an exclusive, welcoming atmosphere.





Dr. Yeretsky utilizes a specialized consultation process to best
serve patient’s aesthetic desires, to look their absolute best.

Overall Assessment

Introduction to skin and skin care principles. A firm believer that knowledge is power, Dr. Yeretsky devotes time to introduce the basic principles of skin maintenance, as well as the effects of maturation and lifestyle stressors so that patients can make informed choices in their daily regimens.

In-person Consultation

Recommendations for skin care regimen and treatments. Taking into consideration the many factors of each patient’s busy life, Dr. Yeretsky custom designs a treatment plan designed to empower the patient, bringing health and fulfillment. She makes recommendations for the most effective strategy, in addition to discussing fees for procedures.


Preparation & Procedure

Receiving treatments. Each procedure requires different preparations for treatment. Please review the procedures section of the site for an in-depth description of procedures Clinique YFT offers.

Follow-up & Reassessment

Post-procedure check-in. As a health benefit, a follow-up visit with Dr. Yeretsky is recommended, so that she can properly evaluate the outcome of the treatments. Before and after photos are taken to follow the process of transformation


“I didn’t want to tell my husband I’d been getting work done, but he kept commenting on how gorgeous I looked. Then, when we were on vacation, he was upset about his own wrinkles, so I finally confessed that I’d gotten some work done. He responded so well that he’s now interested in improving his appearance. It’s funny, I never thought this would strengthen the trust between us, but it has. Our bond has never been stronger.”

— Happy Customer

“Thank you, Dr. Yeretsky, for your impeccable touch. On the day of my wedding, my skin was flawless and my face looked so incredible that my wedding pictures did not need to be retouched or enhanced. I couldn’t be happier.”

— Recent Bride

“One thing I especially appreciate about the experience is the decor, music, and environment — it provides a calming and positive atmosphere (unlike a traditional doctor’s office) that helps put you at ease. The experience is very personal and private and you leave feeling great about yourself!”

— J.B.

“Dr. Yeretsky’s deft skills — her ability to inject Botox or fillers with laser-like precision — along with her eye for detail, never disappoint. Whenever I leave her beautiful office after a treatment I always feel special: radiant, glowing… just better. And everyone always notices; friends and co-workers will ask, “have you been away, you look so rested?” or say, “you have the most flawless skin.” Plus, Dr. Yeretsky is a gifted and compassionate physician; she is the only doctor I like going to see.”

— L.D.

“Dr. Yeretsky is a real gem. When I’m receiving treatments from her, I feel completely at peace knowing I’m in such good hands. Visiting her is like visiting your best girlfriend if your best girlfriend happened to have years of medical expertise.”

— D.G.

One of the most amazing results of your treatment is that it makes you feel not only 10 years younger, but also 10 lbs lighter and a few inches taller. Go figure….?!


“I’m beyond grateful. You changed my life.”


“Dr. Yeretsky has transformed my skin, so much so that even my very observant and highly critical mother-in-law noticed. On a recent visit to her home in Southampton, she scanned my face and asked, “did you have a facelift?” In her world, that’s the ultimate compliment. I just laughed and said, “no, I have a fabulous doctor!”

— D.L.

“Dear Dr. Yelena, Thank you so very much for the wonderful Valmont samples. I used them last night and love them! I can’t wait to return and use the gift certificate. You are truly a treasure and I’m, so very thankful our paths crossed. Much love and Happy Holidays!”

— M.A.F.

“I truly appreciate all that you have done for me in preparing for the wedding. You were so thoughtful to have extended an invite to the Bridal Exposé and host a pre-bachelorette medi-spa party. You were so generous with your time and injections. Most of all you were so giving of yourself both personally and professionally. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you! Your talents truly made me feel radiant. It shows in the pictures.”

— A.G.

“After a series of chemical peels with Dr.Y, I saw my mother, who couldn’t stop commenting on my skin. She thought I must be pregnant, to have such glowing skin.”

— C.M.

“I travel from NJ to visit Dr. Y, which is not that far, but I would travel even further to visit her and her beautiful office. She always makes you feel at home — no matter which procedure you are getting done, she will make you feel at peace. My skin looks better because she knows good skincare. She is the only person I fully trust working on my skin.”

— B.H.

“First of all, I wanted to tell you that when I woke up Saturday morning and looked at myself in the mirror, I just let out a huge sigh of relief …relief that I was looking at “myself” again and not the worn down, tired and self-conscious version of myself that I was when I went to see you. I can not describe what a wonderful feeling it is to look at myself and be happy with what I see! For so long I had been fearful of going for this type of procedure, but you instantly made me feel secure and confident and I just went for it..and could not be happier!!!


You have truly, given me hope!!!!”

— C.B.

“I love Dr. Y. With my Botox injections, she used a light touch and proceeded gently, knowing that I was anxious to have a ‘natural’ look. I am beyond thrilled with the results. Not only are visits thoroughly enjoyable — Dr. Y has a real joie de vivre — but after I leave, people comment on my skin for weeks following.”

— H.C.

Nothing lasts forever. That’s why there is Dr. Y.



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