Dr. Yelena Yeretsky



Dr. Yelena Yeretsky (“Dr. Y”) is an internationally renowned physician specializing in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. She is the founder of Clinique YFT, a chic and one-of-a-kind Medical Aesthetic Practice located in the heart of NYC’s coveted West Village. Her patients, who include, global jet setters, celebrities, artists, and Wall Street powerbrokers, share in her philosophy that quality of life is essential to achieving optimum health and beauty. Known in the industry for her impeccable attention to detail and delivering simple yet beautiful results, Dr. Y creates subtle transformations that gracefully rejuvenate the skin, revealing the patient’s true character.

An office visit to Dr. Y demonstrates how much she is dedicated to not only delivering the best medical aesthetic advice but making sure she truly understands every patient’s lifestyle.  With bubbling energy and a positive outlook, Dr. Y offers a plan on how to make every patient feel confident, happy and healthy.   Her office is an intimate, all white space, with images of classic beauties subtly represented.  Over a cup of tea and with perhaps an astrological reading or something else of a spiritual nature, Dr. Y offers just exactly what each person specifically needs to look and feel their best.  A program is laid out, treatments discussed (including the financial aspects), so that each patient enters into their own rejuvenation program fully informed and relaxed.  As much a social club as a medical office, every visit is special, unique, and each patient feels like a guest at a very stylish get-together, where they leave looking amazing and brimming with confidence.

Dr. Y’s desire to create beauty through empowerment led to her latest project, Dr. Y Secrets, a premier skincare line that offers what every woman needs: simplicity and results, with a dash of magic. The products are an extension of the loving and slightly cheeky mood of the office. As a busy entrepreneurial woman with a thriving skincare business, a medical career, and active social life, Dr. Y insisted that the products could be applied in a few simple, quick steps, but still work effectively and are a sensual and gratifying beauty ritual. The combination gives all her patients the personal liberation that comes with looking great.

Dr. Y actively participates in international conferences and teachings. Her commitment to excellence and involvement in the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine make her a highly sought-after expert and public speaker. Board certified in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Yeretsky provides private consultations to physicians on aesthetic medical procedures and treatments.  Dr. Y has, for many years, been a consultant to a major biotech company for the development of a cosmetic application of stem cells.