Laura Bruzzese



A firm believer in following one’s heart, Laura views her role at YFT, overseeing day-to-day operations, as heaven-sent. She came to YFT after a stint in the corporate world, which left her feeling disconnected from her spirit and completely unfulfilled. After leaving the stability of her job, Laura’s soul-searching led her to YFT, where she instantly felt at home. She explains,

At YFT, I don’t feel like it’s a job because every day is full of play—whether we’re planning a party or developing skin care, it’s exciting
and fun to see ideas brought to life.

Dr. Y brings sparkle and pleasure to her life. She also values the hearing unique stories of every woman who walks through the Jewel Box’s door—connecting on a personal level is personally transformative for Laura. As YFT’s resident astrologer, Laura uses her gift for interpreting the stars to help her learn more about herself and to connect more deeply with others. As for simple pleasures, she loves love, the transformation of self, and spending time with her family; the last weekend of August, she gets together with her Italian clan for three days of jarring tomato sauce in her aunt’s backyard. Most of all, she loves looking back and appreciating the choices that she’s made—the good and not so good—because they brought her to her very fulfilled present moment.